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Kid Question: Why is Grass Green?

   21.05.2018  2 Comments

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Why the grass is green

People get thirsty because they are losing more water than they are drinking. The salt makes the water denser so it is easier to float. The chloride and sodium are minerals that are in the rocks and are also in salt. We have already found over planets in other star systems and are getting to the stage where we can detect them directly, it may not be too long before we can look for chlorophyll on other planets. We depend on water to carry nutrients and other important chemicals to our organs and cells. Carbon dioxide is great for trees and plants however poisonous to humans. In that case, maybe it is being used by living things in other solar systems too. The allergic reaction is the result of the body fighting off the substance. People experience taste because molecules in food interact with the taste receptors in our mouth. Why the grass is green

Why the grass is green

Why the grass is green

Why the grass is green

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  1. We see because of light bouncing off things and getting into our eyes, the colour that bounces off is what it looks like. We depend on water to carry nutrients and other important chemicals to our organs and cells. Why is it green?

  2. Chlorophyll is the green pigment that absorbs sunlight during photosynthesis. Why does hair turn gray? Spiders make webs to get from place to place, set traps for their food and to make egg sacs to hold their eggs.

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