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Nasty gym workout with super sporty horny and sexy brunette girlie

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Sexy exercise babes

This exercise targets your glutes, inner and outer thighs, and quadricep muscles. Complete 1 minute of Superplanks with leg raises. Want a great butt that looks awesome in those jeans? To do this workout: There is no one-exercise solution, an effective workout is one that combines different moves and muscles. Bend and lower your knees while keeping your torso upright and your abs contracted, then return to start. Keep your back straight and abs contracted. Complete 1 minute of curtsy lunges. During the entire exercise you can keep your hands straight out in front of you or wrists clenched in front of your chest. To get effective results, it is recommended that you complete the challenge 3 times a week amongst your normal cardio and regular exercise. Sexy exercise babes

Sexy exercise babes

Sexy exercise babes

Sexy exercise babes

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