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Vatican introduces sex education for teens

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Love, Same-Sex Attraction, and the Catholic Church: An Interview with Fr. Mike Schmitz

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Catholic teens and sex

In their desire to feel closeness or to find an intimacy that may be lacking at home, teens may turn to sexual relationships to fill the void. A necessary virtue in anyone who loves as God loves is chastity. In so doing, their children will be best able to follow God's plan in the proper use of the gift of sexuality, whether in marriage or in consecrated virginity or celibacy. It can only be seen within the broader framework of an education for love, for mutual self-giving. In consecrated celibacy, men and women offer their complete sexual beings directly and totally to God. Many professional sex-educators, sex-counselors and sex-therapists operate under faulty theories which lack scientific value, misunderstand the truth of man's existence, and fail to comprehend the true beauty and importance of chastity in life, and in love. Catholic teens and sex

Catholic teens and sex

Catholic teens and sex

Catholic teens and sex

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  1. Kids make mistakes, and what they usually need most is forgiveness and compassion so that they can move on with the ability to make better choices. In reality what occurs is that the view of the majority, what is popular, is adopted.

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