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Konnyaku (Konjac)

   01.12.2018  1 Comments

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Other types of konnyaku mostly seen just in Japan include sashimi konnyaku, which is konnyaku with various flavorful additives in it like powdered nori or citrus skin mostly yuzu, but other citrus too , ito konnyaku, thick noodle-shaped konnyaku similar to shirataki but slightly thicker, and tama konnyaku, ball-shaped konnyaku. So, if the texture is okay for you you can add it to all kinds of food for the added almost-no-calorie bulk to fill up those spaces in your belly. You can however use "Tofu Shirataki" in most recipes that call for plain shirataki. I just thought it would be boring to insist on my totally improvised recipe. I happen to like konnyaku better than shirataki, because shirataki is often so thin that it's almost not there. Shirataki has been getting some attention in the U. Filed under: There is very little difference in flavor or texture between industrial white and grey konnyaku, so it's mostly a matter of aesthetics. This is not a very exotic dish… Just a simple stir-fry. Itokonnyaku




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  1. The ginger and chili sound delish and I just love the sprinkle of sesame seeds on top. While there are several kinds of konnyaku available in Japan, outside of Japan we can usually only get ita konnyaku, basic slabs of konnyaku. Once it's very hot add the konnyaku to the dry pan.

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