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Gravity falls tv tropes

Ford says nothing about Bill, and acts surprised and offended at Stan's legitimate grievances - even having the gall to act like he's doing him a favor by giving Stan the chance to do "the first worthwhile thing" in his life. Honestly, I'm starting to think that Alex just feels more comfortable addressing the flaws of the character based off himself than the character based off his sister. According to Alex Hirsch , he's half Mexican, with a white father and a Mexican mother. Beware the Silly Ones: Hidden Depths: Gravity falls tv tropes

Gravity falls tv tropes

Gravity falls tv tropes

Gravity falls tv tropes

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  1. Stan is still upset and angry at his brother for his ungrateful behavior to the point of refusing to cooperate with him and even considering leaving him petrified by Bill.

  2. The Result: One millimeter shorter than Mabel and one of the smartest members of the main cast.

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