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Hair by Mr. Bean of London

   21.11.2018  3 Comments

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Mr bean imdb

By this point, everyone is becoming annoyed of Bean and his behaviour, especially the father. So this is a lot of fun to watch as well as kind of sad in some scenes such as him giving Christmas cards to himself and it also could remind you of what you were like as a child on Christmas day If you celebrate another holiday then replace every mention of "Christmas" with that - I don't want to offend other people. When it is time for the bride and groom to exchange vows, Bean interrupts by repeating the first line that the groom was supposed to say. As the horrified groom checks on her, Bean makes a run for the exit, but quickly returns to give the alarm clock to the bride. He gives her a thumbs up before running out the church. Bean attempts to silence it by hiding it under his jacket, but when this doesn't work, he frantically opens the box, accidentally hitting the mother with this hand and the father with the lid in the process, and finally shuts it off. When the newly married couple walk down the aisle, the bride's father finally blows his top at Bean and attempts to attack him. Mr bean imdb

Mr bean imdb

Mr bean imdb

Mr bean imdb

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  1. The reason why I think people are coming back to this special for Christmas is because Mr Bean is basically a child in a man's body, and to see him celebrate Christmas I think kind of reminds people of that time when all they could think of on Christmas Eve is opening the presents under the tree. As the horrified groom checks on her, Bean makes a run for the exit, but quickly returns to give the alarm clock to the bride.

  2. The ceremony continues with Bean shushing a man and woman coughing, and then the whole ceremony abruptly stops when Beans gift wrapped alarm clock starts ringing continuously.

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