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Should taking out your first tampon hurt?

   24.11.2018  1 Comments

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How to tell when tampons are full

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How to pull out a dry tampon

In the 80s, cases of TSS were the highest, with an incidence of about 10 for every , menstruating women. If you're using the right absorbency, you should need a fresh tampon every few hours anyway. Within the first few days, it can get bad enough to warrant hospitalization. Organic or not, wearing a super-absorbent tampon, and wearing it for too long, increases your risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 26 cases were reported in Tyson also tells her patients to wear pads to bed to be safe. Once your vagina has been colonized by the bacteria, your chances of getting TSS again skyrockets. Toxic Shock Syndrome is very rare, but the statistics are spotty. The rash is the most telling, as it's a signature symptom and not something that could be mistaken for a stomach virus or flu. If you get TSS, you should stop wearing tampons—period. How to pull out a dry tampon

How to pull out a dry tampon

How to pull out a dry tampon

How to pull out a dry tampon

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