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Overview of Romanticism in Literature

   11.01.2019  2 Comments

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Characteristics of Romanticism

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Characteristics of romantic literature

In American Literature, the group of writers and thinkers known as the Lost Generation has become synonymous with Modernism. African-Americans took part in the Harlem Renaissance, with the likes of Langston Hughes at the forefront of a vibrant new idiom in American poetry. The idealism and transcendentalism of Romantic thought were challenged by the growing prestige of empirical science and utilitarian moral philosophy , a process that encouraged more-objective modes in literature. His early novels have been attacked at times for sentimentality, melodrama, or shapelessness. These changes are indeed profound, and cannot easily be replaced by new schemas. Characteristics of romantic literature

Characteristics of romantic literature

Characteristics of romantic literature

Characteristics of romantic literature

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  1. It's common for postmodernists to treat serious subjects in a playful and humorous way. Gone also were the preoccupations with beauty and nature.

  2. In Modernist literature, it was the poets who took fullest advantage of the new spirit of the times, and stretched the possibilities of their craft to lengths not previously imagined.

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