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10 traits of a good woman - Things that make a man fall in love with you

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Traits of a good girlfriend

Even small disputes can cause tension in a relationship, yet this tension can, many times, be easily resolved, simply by talking about it. She doesn't have to say or do anything; it just is that way. She should stick up for you around other people, and defend you if people are being rude or unfair to you. A good girlfriend knows that the best way to deal with bothersome habits and larger issues is to face them directly and rationally, with the philosophy that for a relationship to work, not only do the positive parts of the two of you have to align, but she must have strategies for dealing with the negative parts as well. The problem is that men want a quality woman to date, but they also expect her to be a top model. Traits of a good girlfriend

Traits of a good girlfriend

Traits of a good girlfriend

Traits of a good girlfriend

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  1. Surely you can think of some of the more obvious ones but there are others that are a bit more subtle. There are certain events in a relationship that truly bond two people. And pay attention to how she treats others, especially strangers or people she doesn't like.

  2. According to men, the perfect girlfriend will go above and beyond to establish great relationships with the most important people in their life and may even tag along to watch sporting events with your buddies.

  3. A girl must be loyal to her boyfriend. Priorities of a Successful Close-Distance Relationship If you and your partner live together or in the same city, she takes care to spend time with you engaging in novel activities that will strengthen the relationship.

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