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Get Your Audience Pumped: 30 Ways to Motivate Adult Learners

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Motivating Adult Learners

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Adult motivation for learning

If the task is new or especially challenging, an individual may appreciate having little autonomy. People allocate their cognitive, emotional, and physical resources to prioritize important goals, bal- Page 25 Share Cite Suggested Citation: Sharing knowledge and experience through informal networks is a motivating and natural way to learn. See Using Social Media for Learning. Adult motivation for learning

Adult motivation for learning

Adult motivation for learning

Adult motivation for learning

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  1. If the task is new or especially challenging, an individual may appreciate having little autonomy. Encouraging Collaboration and Cooperation Cooperation or collaboration in the classroom can motivate learners to persist and attain their goals. External rewards can lead to problem-solving that is more rigid, less flexible, and slower.

  2. Provide options. When students are focused on how they compare to others academically, they may use less-efficient cognitive strategies and engage in various self-handicapping behaviors. Provide learners with job aids, online support systems, like wikis and micro-blogging technologies to get just-in-time support in the workplace.

  3. Similarly, interest in the topic or purpose of a writing task predicts better writing performance among students in secondary schools. When adult learners see the relevance of educational materials to their jobs, they are more likely to be engaged and recognize benefits from the course. Large financial incentives, in particular, can lead to lower performance.

  4. Adults often have very general ideas about why they need or want to learn to read and write. Page 17 Share Cite Suggested Citation: Keep the screen clear from clutter.

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