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How to Have Fun at a Water Park

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What to bring to a water park

This set comes in a pack of 2. Bring adequate feminine care products for the entire day, if necessary. Fruit Shoot has a convenient closable top with cap so kids can take a quick drink, close and come back later for another sip. These will especially come in handy if you decide to kick back in a lounge chair and take in the rays. About Becky Mother to 3 girls, love to craft and create. Lock Box: Swimwear Bathing suits are an absolute must when visiting a water park. Other Clothing Ideally you'll wear your suit into the park under your clothes to save time in the locker rooms. If you can, leave the phone at home, in your car, or in a rented locker. What do you think? What to bring to a water park

What to bring to a water park

What to bring to a water park

What to bring to a water park

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  1. We suggest that you leave personal or valuable items i. Grab a large pool tote and you should be able to fit all of your items.

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