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10 Infamous Serial Killers Still Alive Today

   19.01.2019  1 Comments

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10 Serial Killers Released From Prison

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Top 10 serial killers still alive

He was described as looking disheveled and it seemed he had scratch marks on his face. Florence Genevieve Polillo was killed somewhere between January 26 and February 7, In , Jack terrorized the Whitechapel neighborhood of London by slitting the throats and abdomens of at least five prostitutes and leaving them for dead. His body was found on September 23, , and he had been decapitated and his genitals removed. Top 10 serial killers still alive

Top 10 serial killers still alive

Top 10 serial killers still alive

Top 10 serial killers still alive

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  1. While the families of the victims are confident that the cases are linked, police aren't as certain. Many naked bodies of young boys were found at his estate in

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