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Health consequences of sex trafficking: A systematic review

   06.03.2019  3 Comments

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What is Human Trafficking

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Consequences of sex trafficking

Cross justice, service, and community collaborations are also needed to effectively assess victimization, reduce wrongful criminalization, and support the economic recovery of victims. Since then, 36 states have passed vacatur laws U. Finally, increasing funding resources dedicated to specialized programming for trafficking survivors and providing training and technical assistance opportunities is necessary to help service providers build the capacity to address the complex needs of trafficking survivors. Research suggests, that only a small percentage of trafficking victims or perpetrators across the country, however, are identified by law enforcement Simich Many needed training to secure good jobs after escaping abuse Aron et al Survivor Reentry Project. Delayed progress at school or failure to complete high school is common among trafficking victims, particularly among minor victims. Census , analyses of — data from the Human Trafficking Reporting System found that 40 percent of all confirmed trafficking cases are of Black women and girls Banks and Kyckelhahn Victim Assistance Fact Sheet. Consequences of sex trafficking

Consequences of sex trafficking

Consequences of sex trafficking

Consequences of sex trafficking

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  1. No restrictions were applied to geographical regions as sex trafficking involves victims being trafficked between different countries, and within countries. Psychological abuse is the most common means of control among sex trafficking victims Roe-Sepowitz et al.

  2. Attorneys can pursue civil damages in addition to restitution to offer victims additional opportunities to recover economic damages AEquitas After experiencing sexual assault, a woman may experience a range of physical consequences and emotional reactions, including severe stress and depression.

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