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Stop Missing Dating Opportunities

   06.02.2019  3 Comments

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Send THIS Text When She Doesn't Respond

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Girl wont text back

The key is to be honest in your delivery and to make her feel safe. You might be somewhat surprised but texting a girl to get her into the bedroom is one of the easiest things ever! She might actually be busy. Were you keeping the conversation fun and interesting? One week after first meeting her, I called her. Girl wont text back

Girl wont text back

Girl wont text back

Girl wont text back

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3 thoughts on “Things That Lead to Unreturned Texts and Calls

  1. Something that engages her, something that could be funny if done correctly, and something that is not needy. For one, it obviously calls her out on not being able to hang out with you yet. For a complete bio on Justin click here.

  2. Although texting can be a very powerful tool in your arsenal of tricks, the vast majority of the time it should only be a formality, a prelude to the actual date! A girl might simply be very busy — or be seeing someone already.

  3. You can also use these tips to gauge her level of interest in you. You now have to compete with the games in her phone, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It happens.

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