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20 Fun Christmas Party Activities

   04.01.2019  1 Comments

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12 Games of Christmas - Party Games

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Christmas party games ideas for adults

Players compete to combine cards to create names of popular 30 Christmas songs. Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay. Before choosing a game, think about how many guests are expected to come to your Christmas party. A few challenges could be; Stuff your mouth full of marshmallows and sing jingle bells in front of everyone. Across the table have the other player waiting with their hands behind their back. Choosing a Christmas Party Game Finding the best Christmas party game for your event is easier than you think. This way, adults will be able to enjoy themselves during their respective games. Place 10 little jingle bells in the box. Christmas party games ideas for adults

Christmas party games ideas for adults

Christmas party games ideas for adults

Christmas party games ideas for adults

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