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Capricorn Woman Love Advice

   18.09.2018  4 Comments

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Capricorn Compatibility

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Capricorn best zodiac match

When it comes to intimate life, just imagine that you sprinkle water on earth, and just as the water is absorbed by the earth, just like that they combine perfectly with a lot of passion and adventure spirit. This pairing can work, thanks to mutual respect and a strong physical attraction, but it requires compromise from both partners. This meticulous, watchful person will give you the karmic lesson of diligence. Capricorn likes lusty sex, and Scorpio is just the person to provide it. What may surprise you is how much you enjoy being together outside of bed. Both know the value of a well kept home and strive to make theirs a place that positively oozes success and order. Capricorn best zodiac match

Capricorn best zodiac match

Capricorn best zodiac match

Capricorn best zodiac match

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4 thoughts on “Capricorn's Best Love Matches

  1. As the ruler of the house of femininity, Cancer is the true other half to Capricorn's gender role reversal.

  2. Each will compensate for the other's weak points, and they both have a craving for home and family. Explore further. Capricorn and Gemini as a Love Match Scorpio Often described as one of the power couples of the zodiac, Capricorn and Scorpio are a fascinating mix.

  3. Parenting is where this couple shines as a team. Capricorn and Sagittarius The wild and crazy Sagittarian will be a source of fascination for you.

  4. Capricorn and Scorpio This is your dream come true. Capricorn and the Sagittarius man have vastly different values and lifestyles that more often conflict than complement.

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