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7 Home Remedies to Get Straight Hair Naturally.

   28.05.2018  2 Comments

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PERMANENT Hair STRAIGHTENING At Home For Extreme Curly Hair, Straighten Your Hair Naturally at Home

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Straight hair naturally at home

And, you can vouch for these 12 home remedies, which will give you silky straight hair naturally without damaging them in the process. Let it air dry completely. If you use a straightener this or any other every day, over a long period of time, the damages are high as you put your hair in harm's way. Cover your hair with a hot wet towel for 30 to 40 minutes. Mash up three to four strawberries and add them to the mixture. Put the chopped leaves and a little water in a juicer to extract the juice. It can even help get rid of frizzy hair. Almond Oil Can Do Magic Tricks Good old almond oil is a popular hair product because it really does give your hair the care, love and attention it deserves. Beer Beer is rich in proteins and vitamins that are a great help in maintaining healthy hair. Take a hair roller and start wrapping your wet hair around it and place it tightly on the head. Straight hair naturally at home

Straight hair naturally at home

Straight hair naturally at home

Straight hair naturally at home

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  1. Apply this mixture to your hair thoroughly and wrap your hair in a towel for about two hours. Along with these remedies, you need to condition your hair properly after every wash to control the frizz and relax your hair.

  2. After you've rinsed out the conditioner from your hair, add some drops of vinegar into a mug of cold water and rinse out your hair one last time with it.

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