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Easy Ways to Stretch Children's Curly Hair Without Chemicals

   16.10.2018  1 Comments

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Turn Kinky Curls into Smooth Waves

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Products to relax naturally curly hair

From start to finish, I was blown away by the results. Then braid or twist your child's hair. I have used this product several times now, and it consistently yields soft, wavy, lightweight, even curls that stay put and hold up on the second day, too. The waves were loose — maybe a little looser than I usually prefer — but soft and even. Part the hair into four to eight sections, or more. Fill up a spray bottle with whole milk and give your hair a good spray covering every strand and spritzing until your hair is completely soaked. Separate your strands into three sections, loosely braiding them from just about your ears until you reach the end of your hair. So, if you want to know how to relax curls naturally as well as pick up a few potent deep conditioning treatments do take a look at the following natural ways to relax curls. Not a single chemical to worry about, and a nice way to naturally relax curls. Gently work the comb through as the air blows each section. Products to relax naturally curly hair

Products to relax naturally curly hair

Products to relax naturally curly hair

Products to relax naturally curly hair

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