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Fleece Johnson Booty Warrior

Video about why did fleece johnson go to jail:

Why did fleece johnson go to jail

Tom realizes that when he helped Uncle Ruckus and the white children escape from the prisoners holding them hostages, that they had left Huey and Riley behind. Angered, the Booty Warrior attempts to find Tom so he can rape him. One of the prisoners uses Tom as an example of what the prison system does to people. Famous rap star, Tupac Shakur, long believed dead, has finally come out to speak against the political downturn the country is facing. The Booty Warrior, completely naked except for his green hat, walks through the steam of the shower room and starts throwing multiple bars of soap at Tom. Why did fleece johnson go to jail

Why did fleece johnson go to jail

Why did fleece johnson go to jail

Why did fleece johnson go to jail

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  1. He starts walking towards Tom confidently but humorously slips on a bar of soap hitting the back of his head. The only weapon, Ms. And if you're still reading this

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