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Three Reasons Why Pastors—and Other Church Leaders—Should Talk about Homosexuality in the Church

   04.07.2018  3 Comments

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Christian And Gay: A Religious Leader Reflects - Originals - msnbc

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Sermons on homosexuality is wrong

Lot invites them to spend the night in his home, and he prepares a meal for them. It's way down the line somewhere. And that is promised in the Bible. And so I think there are things clearly indicated in the New Testament that abrogate that. Sermons on homosexuality is wrong

Sermons on homosexuality is wrong

Sermons on homosexuality is wrong

Sermons on homosexuality is wrong

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3 thoughts on “IS HOMOSEXUALITY A SIN? (1 OF 3)

  1. They said, "We don't have that problem at our church. But that is not what we are talking about. Yeah, there were many

  2. And in the end, folks, God gives a reprieve here and God doesn't give every sinner what he deserves when he deserves it, but eventually Alan Chambers, the President of Exodus North America, which began over 35 years ago as a coalition of ministries helping people find freedom from homosexuality, apologized for any hurt he had caused people, and said people did not really change and then shut down his organization.

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