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Thinking About Getting Highlights? Read This First

   13.11.2018  4 Comments

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How To: Paddle Brush Highlights

Video about how to highlight hair at home without foil:

How to highlight hair at home without foil

Add back moisture. Use the tools of the pros. See More: But don't repeat the steps more than two times, or your streaks will be too light and look unnatural. In fact, Reynold's Wrap makes professional foils that are sold at beauty supply stores. How to highlight hair at home without foil

How to highlight hair at home without foil

How to highlight hair at home without foil

How to highlight hair at home without foil

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  1. But be warned if you're using foils at home: The sun doesn't tint hair in perfectly spaced out sections, and that's the look using a cap will give you. Or if your blonde highlights are too icy, a gold toner will help add some warmth.

  2. O'Connor suggests using aluminum foil to highlight your hair. Saturate the ends with more dye as they require more product than the top section of your hair.

  3. It also adds mega shine. Advertisement For more highlighting tips from Ess, head over to The Beauty Department where she walks you through her at-home highlighting routine. Put on your rubber gloves.

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