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11 A Prostitute in Wenceslas Square

   23.10.2018  3 Comments

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prague sex museum

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Wenceslas square prostitutes

My motives were as innocent as that. The social composition of women working in the sex industry in Prague is different. Medium breasts. Never was a legman; was always into ass, snatch, face, tummy, and tits, everything but…and feet. Wenceslas square prostitutes

Wenceslas square prostitutes

Wenceslas square prostitutes

Wenceslas square prostitutes

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  1. Modern development schemes, including a four-lane highway added in the s at Wenceslas Square's upper end that separates the square from the dominant National Museum , have not been kind to the space. Maybe a hundred boys gawk at the lipstick lesbian act, and all shift uneasily as the fuck-show goes on next.

  2. Little make-up. Unlike other years in Prague, the number of women who prostitute themselves on the street is reduced. Thirty degrees and still the ladies are strolling.

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