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Indian Eye Makeup Tips

   24.12.2018  2 Comments

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Eye makeup for big eyes indian

Rhinestone adhesive decals add a glamorous element to the eye area. End of the article. Add impact to your eye with a vanilla or taupe eyeshadow. Ebony -eyed ladies can test out a multitude of mascara and find one with depth that defines their natural color. Dark Eye Shadow: Women who are fond of dressing up in a very classy and fashionable way should try the bombshell eye makeup. Sweep this light-colored hue under the brow bone and near the tear duct to create a bright-eyed and open look for daytime. Use some false eyelashes and liquid eye shadow to make it a success. Use white eye liner to open your eyes. Eye makeup for big eyes indian

Eye makeup for big eyes indian

Eye makeup for big eyes indian

Eye makeup for big eyes indian

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  1. Basically, you can apply any colour which matches with your dress or lips. One of the simplest and easiest tricks to make your eyes wide open is by curling your lashes.

  2. A very cute and funky idea for big eyes can be one with a bow on top. And if we have big eyes, we are looking for ways to make it look brighter, bigger, and more awake.

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