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Eighth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services

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Does Iowa Have the Right Model to Get Rid of Gerrymandering?

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Eighth judicial district iowa

Offenders sentenced to prison for second, third or subsequent offense drunk driving may be diverted to residential correctional facilities to receive substance abuse treatment per the Iowa Code. Offenders ordered to community supervision by the sentencing judge may be required to reside in a residential correctional facility for a period of time, as an alternative to incarceration. Offenders placed on parole undergo the same assessment, case planning and treatment referral processes provided to probationers. Residential correctional facilities are non-secure facilities providing hour supervision of offenders. Work Release. Offenders placed on probation undergo an objective assessment process to determine an appropriate level of supervision to address community risk and case planning needs. Offenders may leave the facility for approved purposes such as for job-seeking, employment, or treatment. Probation supervision is provided when the sentencing judge determines the offender should remain in the community, in lieu of incarceration, or a stay in jail. Eighth judicial district iowa

Eighth judicial district iowa

Eighth judicial district iowa

Eighth judicial district iowa

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  1. Other offenders residing in residential correctional facilities may be Federal, interstate compact, offenders on special sentence, etc.

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