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Dr. Hook - Sharing the Night Together Lyrics

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The hook of a song

The drumbeat is also notable for its intricately programmed hi-hat pattern and its off-beat snare, utilizing an on-beat clap during the choruses and outro. Gospel artist J Moss samples this song as the backing track for his single "Dance" featuring Kirk Franklin. Share on Facebook There are plenty of country songs that will tug at your heartstrings, but few hit home the way George Strait 's "I Believe" lyrics do. Once the song became a hit, the phone calls started coming in, and Dickerson ended up having to change his phone number. The bass is truly the "star" of this song, and Prince has remarked that this is one of his signature basslines, remarking no one can play the line like himself. Just a few days before Christmas, the entire nation was glued to the news, wondering how such a horrific mass murder could happen to our neighbors. It was so sad, and Rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot 's single "Beepers", from his album Seminar , refers to this track; during a breakdown, a simulated SkyPager operator says "you wish to send message, , enter numeric message or press the pound key now. The hook of a song

The hook of a song

The hook of a song

The hook of a song

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  1. Strait was among those asking why, so he turned to songwriting to help him sort out his grief and anger. I'm gonna send Dean [Dillon] what we have, because this song has to have a melody that's killer, and Dean's that guy.

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