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The 'middlepause': what no one tells you about turning 50

   11.01.2019  4 Comments

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How a Bout of Depression Led to Dwayne Johnson's Career-Defining Moment - Oprah’s Master Class - OWN

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Just turned 50 and depressed

I know those who came through surgery after surgery like Line to stay with us and put their experience to a positive use. Activities in these domains include: But, after tracking him down, I was told he was too busy to be interviewed, what with his in-store radio projects and his property portfolio. Shortly before then, he has been diagnosed, treated and recovered from pancreatic cancer, a cancer that would take his life some six years later. My view has turned from looking back to looking in the future. It concluded that a graph of happiness in a lifetime is U-shaped: Much wisdom can be culled from our years of living to He was still The picture was of him in his Eighties pomp, with wedding-cake coiffure and big collar, showing his cuddly side by playing with a Labrador puppy, smiling the confident smile of those who believe it will never happen to them. It wasn't just that — as it generally does — it coincided with an emptying nest and with family bereavement. Just turned 50 and depressed

Just turned 50 and depressed

Just turned 50 and depressed

Just turned 50 and depressed

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  1. One of the tabloids called her a "plucky granny", a description which made John imagine her as the white-haired, fox-stole-wearing character from the Giles cartoons, wielding her bone-handled brolly in the face of corporate indifference.

  2. At 50 I've grown more cynical and have lost a bit of the sense of wonder that makes being young so exciting.

  3. I see fifty yearlings leaping a fence in the field. Which is fair enough, because I'm sure that's how I used to think, too.

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