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A Portfolio of Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky

   21.08.2018  4 Comments

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Whisky Review/Tasting: Johnnie Walker Double Black

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Johnnie walker black vs double black

Due to popular demand, in , Diageo did a limited release of the Double Black Label although the cynic in me thinks that if its popular, it will probably become a permanent release. I enjoy the aesthetic of having both bottles sitting next to one another on my shelf, but I really do not know if I can make a strong argument that would necessitate the casual drinker keeping a space open for each. Johnnie Walker Double Black made its debut in the duty free shops in airports of Europe and Asia where it was a big hit, so Johnnie Walker elevated it to a formal release for the US market. Then after adding some water, in a while I figure out how it oppened a smooth transcendence! The sweetness and smoke linger after the relatively short burn. Deep caramel with reddish tones. Feels like a friend. A year later, I was in love with this blended marvel. Peat right away, the Islay presence is a lot stronger here. I would pair this one with Indian food, maybe saag paneer or a dish with lots of fenugreek leaves. Johnnie walker black vs double black

Johnnie walker black vs double black

Johnnie walker black vs double black

Johnnie walker black vs double black

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  1. Johnnie Walker Black Label. Light smokiness followed by splendid smoothness. At the end of the midpalate, Double Black picks up a little spice and the slightest bit of bite that carries through a nice medium-long finish which preserves the sweet, smoke, and spice notes.

  2. This can be a dangerous game - you want to put out a product that appeals to a new, younger generation of customers, but at the same time not change it so quickly or drastically as to alienate your core consumers.

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