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I Am Elizabeth Smart

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The Kidnapping Of Elizabeth Smart - Crime Documentary - True Crime

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I am elizabeth smart rotten tomatoes

In the 15 years since she was abducted and then recovered, Smart has made it a kind of mission to speak publicly about her ordeal and advocate for victims of kidnapping and sexual assault. Much like Smart herself, it is restrained, unpretentious, and direct. In what became a much publicized story of disappearance and reappearance, Smart was then just 14 years old, a pretty blonde teenager in Salt Lake City, Utah. More than once during her captivity, Elizabeth has the choice to draw others into her panic, and more than once, she opts not to. Cinematically, her narration serves to interrupt the typical patterns of this kind of movie — which, if untethered from the real-life details, is just another thriller about how terrible violence against women is banal and ubiquitous. The perspective elevates the dramatization from a titillating scary story to spoken-word horror. And partly this is because it is so rare, even now, for the victim of sexual assault to so thoroughly own the narrative around her abduction. Smart seems to be defending herself from straw-man criticisms, but perhaps she is so vehement because mostly she is defending herself from herself — from her own shame and horror at what occurred, and the long tail of self-recrimination that would judge her for cooperating in order to survive. The title, with its bold declarative statement of self, is a statement of truth that at different points in the narrative could either condemn her or liberate her. I am elizabeth smart rotten tomatoes

I am elizabeth smart rotten tomatoes

I am elizabeth smart rotten tomatoes

I am elizabeth smart rotten tomatoes

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