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Stock Photo - cow sucking on man s finger

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Cow suck man

Charolais , which are very large, white, often horned cattle though many are also born polled originating from France. British Friesian cattle are generally slightly smaller than Holsteins and carry more flesh. Beef cattle are often allowed graze over large areas because they do not have to be brought in every day like dairy cattle. The milk is collected in a large stainless steel container where it undergoes pastuerization, a process that heats milk to a very high temperature to kill any bacteria that are living in the milk. The herd grazes outside during this period. Usually, the heifer will be pregnant for nine months before giving birth. The last Aurochs , wild cattle of Europe, were killed in Masovia , Poland in Angus cattle are known for excellent quality beef, and ability to be used in cross-breeding, such as crossing Angus onto Hereford cows or heifers to get black-baldies. Bulls can often be fierce and dangerous, especially in the presence of their herd of cows and heifers. Cow suck man

Cow suck man

Cow suck man

Cow suck man

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  1. Uses of Cattle[ change change source ] Water Buffalo ploughing a rice paddy in Cambodia. Two or more of these young bovines are calves. The lactation period lasts for approximately days.

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