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Airbus A380-800 (388) Layout 1

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The Singapore Airlines Premium Economy A350-900 (ENG) -

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Singapore airlines a380 seatguru

Two of the suite pairs have a retractable wall, allowing them to be combined into a sizeable room with a double bed in the middle. But it really does look like the carrier is halving the number of options for that. Your only risk will be being moved to other seats if a booking including an infant is then made on your flight in this cabin — a small chance. A Version 3 Suites Seat Map For couples the forward suite pairs on either side 1A and 2A, or 1F and 2F are those which can be combined into a large double bedroom suite as pictured above, with each single bed in the middle combined to form a double bed once the wall partition is lowered. Other Tips Solo travellers will probably want to opt for one of the aisle seats C, D, G or H , or possibly a window seat A or K depending on personal preference. In the second business class section, rows 91 to 95, there are no proximate toilets or galleys, however there are two bassinet positions at the front which means potential for some noise. Looking at the maps shows that all the repositioning is occurring forward of the exits so the addition of premium economy seats does not necessitate the changes. Singapore airlines a380 seatguru

Singapore airlines a380 seatguru

Singapore airlines a380 seatguru

Singapore airlines a380 seatguru

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  1. On the plus side, the premium cabins do get an extra lav on the 77W. Singapore Airlines Best Seats There are no bad seats in suites class, in our opinion, so separating the best from the worst is certainly nitpicking.

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