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Mature women having sex

Increasing the frequency of sex without talking and connecting emotionally isn't likely to create lasting improvement. Average adult: In other words, and similar to other forms of physical activity such as running, infrequent activity could put a strain on the blood flow to the arteries supplying the heart, but regular activity may be protective. During sex, our brains release endorphins—"feel good" chemicals that can reduce irritability and feelings of depression. Couples are more likely to stay together when they can express their love in this way, and the divorce rate is significantly higher for couples who don't. That said, all is not lost in your relationship if you are unable to have sex this frequently or at all. Psychological Benefits There are many emotional and psychological benefits from making love that is strongly linked with overall quality of life. Challenges We are wired from birth to crave the intimacy of sex, and lacking sex is one of the things that can lead people in a relationship to grow distant and, perhaps, look elsewhere. Improved Physical Fitness Sex is a form of physical activity, and there are a number of studies linking exercise with better health. Mature women having sex

Mature women having sex

Mature women having sex

Mature women having sex

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  1. There are a number of ways to spice up your sex life , but looking at the non-sexual parts of your relationship is just as important.

  2. Reduced Pain The endorphins mentioned above do more than lead to a sense of well-being and calm, but appear to reduce pain such as migraines and back pain as well. While there is not a magic number when it comes to the ideal frequency of sex, the results of a few studies can suggest a ballpark.

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