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kamasutra movie

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Tantrica (2018) Full Movie [the dark shades of Kamasutra] - Aiysha Saagar - 18+

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Kamasutra imdb

Maya leaves the castle and visits Jai one last time. Maya then teaches Tara how to seduce the king, while Tara promises to help Maya escape to visit Jai. Jai is deliberately crushed to death by an elephant while Maya watches from the crowd. Realising she has nowhere to stay, Jai takes her to an older woman named Rasa Devi Rekha , who is a teacher of the Kama Sutra , the ancient art of seduction and love making. Meanwhile, soldiers of the invading Shah take the king's palace. During her wedding night, Tara, a sheltered virgin full of romantic dreams, is hesitant to consummate their relationship. Jai gets the king's favour but is warned that there will be dire consequences if he defeats the king again. Kamasutra imdb

Kamasutra imdb

Kamasutra imdb

Kamasutra imdb

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  1. Maya walks away into the distance, meditating on her new spiritual freedom: Raj later catches the two lovers together and sentences Jai to death.

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