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8 Different Types Of Face Masks To Try Out, Because Everyone's Skin Needs A Secret Ingredient

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Shop Tips: Respirators vs. Dust Masks

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What are the different types of masks

Totem fish mask from the Orokolo Bay area of New Guinea. Some African peoples hold that the first mask to be used was an admonitory one. Guaranteed complete and utter anonymity as no part of the face shows. The totem ancestor is believed actually to materialize in its mask; thus, masks are of the utmost importance in securing protection and bringing comfort to the totem clan. Best For — Aging skin. What are the different types of masks

What are the different types of masks

What are the different types of masks

What are the different types of masks

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  1. These fantastic human-animal masks are given a frightening aspect. Sometimes a slave or a criminal was temporarily granted the insignia and status of royalty, only to be killed after the festival ended. The use of masks dates back several millennia.

  2. Wear it to: These led to colourful facial patterns that we see in today's Peking opera.

  3. Their three main cults use seventy-eight different types of masks. Japan Mask of Tengu Japanese masks are part of a very old and highly sophisticated and stylized theatrical tradition.

  4. The Grebo of the Ivory Coast and Liberia carve masks with round eyes to represent alertness and anger, with the straight nose to represent unwillingness to retreat. Make sure you read all the instructions and follow them precisely to prevent any adverse reactions.

  5. Activated charcoal acts like a magnet and removes dirt from the deepest depths of your pores.

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