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All 18 of Hilary Duff's Movies, Ranked Worst To Best

   19.08.2018  3 Comments

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Top 12 Hilary Duff Movies

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Hilary duff romantic movies list

Duff had planned to tour in support of the album in early , but announced in February that she would not be touring. The film earned both sisters a shared Razzie Award nomination for Worst Actress, becoming Duff's third consecutive nomination in three years. To find love?!? I get it. Hilary duff romantic movies list

Hilary duff romantic movies list

Hilary duff romantic movies list

Hilary duff romantic movies list

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  1. You would think that a Hilary Duff movie about a woman named Raven Halfacre who encounters the Bloodworth men would be a vampire movie. According To Greta Greta is messed up. Do you quit?

  2. I am all for taking Duff seriously as an actress, but I do think it's wrong to cast her as Pouting Personified.

  3. Goddess Winona Ryder pops up, blessedly, and Hilary plays a part she can actually do something with: This was later expanded upon for her fourth studio album, Dignity

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