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Kit Willesse and Ana Alexander - Femme Fatales Lesbian Scene

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Femme fatale lesbian

There was, for instance, a popular satirical trope of a "wayward nun," a nun who'd gone completely off the rails and started luring men in with her sexuality. It popped up in popular fiction, folklore, and plays all over the place. The idea of the femme fatale is actually a pretty diverse one. Take a trip with me through the dangerous females who've studded human culture for thousands of years. If you want to see the real femme fatale in ancient history, you have to delve into myth. Judith, as described in the Book Of Judith, snuck into the tent of Assyrian general Holofernes and beheaded him; she's a hero, but is often depicted as a problematic figure who used her sexuality to help her in her quest. The Femme Fatale In 19th Century Literature The 19th century was when the femme fatale we know and love today really came into its own as a literary figure. The Femme Fatale In Medieval Europe In rigorously Christian medieval Europe, the idea of wayward female sensuality being used for trickery was a pretty widespread one. The Greeks and Romans had their own mythology of dangerous female sexuality. Carmilla also hits on her protege, including a dose of lesbianism in the "fatal female sexuality" mix. Femme fatale lesbian

Femme fatale lesbian

Femme fatale lesbian

Femme fatale lesbian

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  1. And then there were the horror femmes fatales. It popped up in popular fiction, folklore, and plays all over the place. These femmes fatales weren't just seen as seductresses; they were genuinely dangerous and outlawed.

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