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Turning Contest: A Drunk Bday Girl

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Hot lesbian kissing at birthday party

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Birthday lesbian sex

Of course, there were failures, but they were rare. She didn't slow down at all, wanting to hear the birthday girl scream with rapture, with or without witnesses. Jasmine wasn't even done her first drink when she saw her first potential turn. Jasmine, excellent at reading when a woman was about to erupt, suddenly stopped licking the young girl's pussy, stood up and lifted up her skirt to reveal she was wearing a strap-on cock. She also realized the obvious, that what she was leaning back on was a pair of breasts She had turned many girls at this club and seldom left the club alone. Lori moaned again at the sudden insertion, shocked by the aggressiveness of the stud molesting her. Lori was looking in the mirror, freshening up, trying to calm down her fevered pussy when she felt hands grope her tits. She put them in her purse as she smiled at the eagerness of the slut. Jasmine Jones Jasmine couldn't believe she was already in last place. Birthday lesbian sex

Birthday lesbian sex

Birthday lesbian sex

Birthday lesbian sex

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