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3 Bikini Waxers Reveal What It's Really Like to Wax a Dude's Penis

   13.10.2018  3 Comments

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Male Body Image: The Naked Truth

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Male brazilian wax tumblr

Most of the fear is the anticipation and pre-conceived notions. The hair needs to be grown out a bit so that the wax can adhere to it and thus be pulled off. It all depends on the person. If you lay on the bed clenching your body, it's going to be so much worse. It's just biology. They also say they feel sleek and cleaner. And the legs. In recent years, guys have been embracing services beyond basic upkeep — think facials , manicures, cosmetic procedures like Botox—once thought of as only for women. Not true. Male brazilian wax tumblr

Male brazilian wax tumblr

Male brazilian wax tumblr

Male brazilian wax tumblr

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  1. Legs are somewhat of a hard body part to get through — there are so many strips [of wax needed]! Once they do, they are as courageous as women.

  2. Some men are fine to show their junk and others want a small modesty towel. Males still consider this process to be very taboo.

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