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Louisiana Statewide Hotline:

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"Dont Get Fooled Again" Red Flags of Narcissist Relationships

Video about abuse red flags in a relationship:

Abuse red flags in a relationship

Wants to move too quickly into the relationship. Takes no responsibility for their behavior and blames others. You are strong enough and you deserve better. Their "passion" makes you feel bad about yourself. Insists that you stop spending time with your friends or family. Conti explains, "When your SO makes underhanded, negative comments about your weight or physical appearance, or highlights your weaknesses consistently, they are attempting to tear you down so that you will become dependent on their praise and assurances. However, when it came to emotional abuse, as it turned out, I wasn't as prepared; I didn't know how to spot the red flags of an emotionally abusive relationship. Left the restaurant to tons of text and calls. Abuse red flags in a relationship

Abuse red flags in a relationship

Abuse red flags in a relationship

Abuse red flags in a relationship

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  1. It was my red line in the sand. I realized I was 18 years old, in the prime of my life and was stood here, crying and apologizing to a man for the weather while strangers attempted to diffuse his anger at me fearing the consequences. We had only been seeing each other about a month at that point.

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