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20 Sexy Things Guys Do (That They Don’t Even Realize Are Sexy)

   29.10.2018  3 Comments

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7 Sexy Things Guys Do Without Realizing It

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Things that make a man sexy

Someone who knows how to talk to women, knows the right things to say, and makes them feel good about themselves, is definitely sexy. Getting a soft kiss on the neck, having hand holding initiated, and feeling little touches tell a woman that her man still adores her body. At this moment, he is incredibly sexy to me, but honestly, it has little to do with his body, which I happen to think is wonderful, but instead, has to do with everything else about him in this moment. Girls like quirky guys just as much as guys like eccentric girls. While squandering one's money and emotions indicate a lack of control or self-worth, counting pennies and withholding genuine contact suggest a preference for things over people. Things that make a man sexy

Things that make a man sexy

Things that make a man sexy

Things that make a man sexy

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  1. When he gets insanely excited for something and gets really passionate about it. Softening the voice and being romantic whispering things in my ear… especially in bed. His soft skin, his bright smile, and his beautiful energy that lights up not only his face but also this restaurant have me reeling.

  2. No one likes to play mind games, so to know that a man is true to his word allows for a deeper relating.

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