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Revealed: The secret behind a lasting relationship, according to science

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10+ Simple Secrets for a Happy Long-Term Relationship

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Secret of long lasting relationship

Whenever he wants to hang out with his friends, I try not to give him a hard time. Interestingly, for the husbands I noticed that she reads a lot on her iPhone, and began asking her to share the articles she was reading with me by sending a link. I recently spoke on the phone with a friend who lives in a different city. For two individual people with their own goals and priorities to hitch their destinies together and pull in the same direction for decades is no small feat of endurance. However, I believe the key to it working is effort on the parts of both people. Both of us feel like having independent interests, friends, and hobbies makes life more interesting and brings diversity to our relationship. Secret of long lasting relationship

Secret of long lasting relationship

Secret of long lasting relationship

Secret of long lasting relationship

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