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These sheets are one of the biggest viral-marketing successes of the last few years — here's why

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Parachute Percale Sheet Set Review

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Bollandbranch reviews

So solid I had to ask the Tannens why they took such care in packaging their sheets. However, sheet sets that are ordered in either Twin or Twin XL sizes come with one pillowcase rather than two. And instead of balking on its sustainability promises to cut costs, it enlisted factories in Florida and Texas to make each mattress by hand, to order. Its edges are lined with a thin ring of extra-stiff coils that act as guardrails for reckless sleepers like my sleeping partner , too. Bollandbranch reviews

Bollandbranch reviews

Bollandbranch reviews

Bollandbranch reviews

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  1. Insider Picks Mar. Other things to note They have returns within 30 days of purchase note:

  2. Its GOTS certification -- which ensures that dangerous chemicals and dye runoff don't affect farming and local populations or contaminate water systems -- is a testament to this.

  3. As our tester noted, "It's so fluffy and lightweight , you'll totally feel like you're sleeping in a hotel while you slumber. The fit was great on a bed that had both a thick mattress and a topper. I tested these sheets on a mattress that was about 12 inches deep, so I just tucked the excess fabric under the mattress for a super snug fit.

  4. First of all, I love the packaging this sheet set comes in. Competitors and Alternatives? Really great.

  5. While there is some debate surrounding the importance of thread count , we have learned that longer fibers or staples tend to produce softer, more durable sheets.

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