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Gundam Wiki:Series

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Why EVERYONE Needs to Watch Gundam

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All gundam series list in order

Other merchandise[ edit ] Bandai , Gundam's primary licensee, produces a variety of products. The CE series put their own spin on the trope by introducing Phase-Shift Armor, which requires a constant supply of electrical power to function, placing it halfway between this and Deflector Shields. While Humongous Mecha take all spotlight, several series do include small mecha, usually doing labor work in the background. Protagonist Title: A popular way to select new crack Gundam pilots, ever since the first show and Amuro Ray lucked into the RX, it's massacred support crew, and the operations manual that one of the members had with him. This series follows an interplanetary war that takes place over the course of almost a full century with each arc following a different pilot from the same family as the conflict affects their lives over the course of generations. Gundam model Hundreds of Gundam models, primarily made of plastic but sometimes with resin and metal detail parts, have been released. All gundam series list in order

All gundam series list in order

All gundam series list in order

All gundam series list in order

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  1. Pretty much everyone announces their name and which mecha they're using before launching from the Cool Ship. Companion Cube:

  2. In this series, the ever popular Gundam models are more than toys and collectibles. This series brings a breath of fresh air to the Gundam franchise.

  3. Most warships have impressive firepower in addition to their mobile suit payload These all work alone! Mobile Suit Gundam:

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