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How to Validate Windows XP Professional

   22.09.2018  2 Comments

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how to connect wireless with validation issue

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Is microsoft still validating xp

You will also receive a persistent notification on the lower right of the desktop which will stay until validation is passed. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to activate Windows XP. This includes changing the wallpaper to black and displaying a watermark in the bottom-right of the screen. Read and accept the registration privacy statement, then click "Next. Microsoft also offers discounts to people who want to purchase a legitimate copy of Windows but do not have a valid CD. The Notifications tool phones home every 2 weeks to validate Windows with several bits of information about your PC including the Windows product key, computer make, model and BIOS information , region and language settings, Windows version and product key, and also the hard drive serial number as well as a few other bits of data and information. Is microsoft still validating xp

Is microsoft still validating xp

Is microsoft still validating xp

Is microsoft still validating xp

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  1. Follow the guided prompts in the "Activate Windows by phone" wizard and click "Next. I called Microsoft and they insisted that it was not a genuine copy and did nothing more than ask me to spend more money.

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