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Jen's Hottub Dream

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Best Hot Tub Scene Ever (Madman - 1982)

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Erotic hot tub

While he wasn't injured, alcohol was involved so she felt like she needed to go handle the situation. He was so hot. She reached down under the water in front of her and started moving her hand up and down his massive cock, slowly at first then faster, as she continued to kiss him harder and harder. Setting directly across from me was the blond from earlier in the afternoon. Her eyes were the prettiest blue and when I looked directly at her she did not break her stare at me. When we arrived and knocked on their door and the guy that answered immediately put Kevin in a bear hug. No need to worry about showing any excitement in that cold air. At eight inches in she came for the third time after he hit her G-spot 3 times in a row. When he slid his hand on up, I let him slip a finger between my soft lips and in my pussy. From my room I could see that there were two hot tubs on each corner of the pool and it appeared that those near the building were the most popular. Erotic hot tub

Erotic hot tub

Erotic hot tub

Erotic hot tub

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  1. She moved her hand faster and faster till it was the hardest he had ever been. She took a few breaths then said, "You might want to write that sex trick down to remember. I dropped the robe feeling the extreme cold air against my nearly naked body and a shiver went right up my spine.

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