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Settle the I really need ushers?!?

   25.09.2018  2 Comments

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Behind the scene: Ushers and Usherettes - Martinez and Buenaflor Wedding

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Do you need ushers at a wedding

Again, designating friends and family members as ushers is a great way to include more people in your wedding day fun without overdosing on bridesmaids and groomsmen if you choose to have a smaller number of attendants. See more: Before guests arrive for the ceremony, the ushers lay down the runner, if using one. Photography by: What a damn shame. Is there an age limit? What determines if you need them? Do you need ushers at a wedding

Do you need ushers at a wedding

Do you need ushers at a wedding

Do you need ushers at a wedding

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  1. Ushers are usually friends and relatives around the same age as the groom. So, what do the ushers even do?

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