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Celibate Jodie Marsh thought she was gay - until she watched Queen and 'fell in love'

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Jodie Marsh ZOO photoshoot

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Jodie marsh smoking

Most bodybuilders carry themselves in a sort of squat way, as if it hurts them to lurch around, but the 5-foot-2, pound Marsh moves gracefully and quickly. I've stuck two fingers up at everyone who doubted me. The food is still bland but in larger amounts -- four portions of grams of brown rice per day, plus six egg whites or a protein shake at every meal. Before lying on Hickey's table, Marsh scarfs down a lunch of 25 grams of brown rice and a protein shake. Jodie marsh smoking

Jodie marsh smoking

Jodie marsh smoking

Jodie marsh smoking

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  1. However, he claimed he was the one who left her because she drank and smoked constantly, going for days without bothering to shower. She wanted to wear a cheetah-print bikini with huge circles cut out of the top and sparkly pasties, her then-platinum hair shaved into a Mohawk. The nurse has agreed to more Botox, fillers and a collagen treatment, and two of the needle punctures in Marsh's left cheek start to drip blood.

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