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5 Powerful Prayers Every Wife Needs to Pray over Her Husband

   28.11.2018  5 Comments

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Video about how to pray to be a better wife:

How to pray to be a better wife

Thank you so much for promising to give us wisdom when we seek it. Thank you for training me Lord. I can do this by creating peace in the atmosphere instead of chaos or confusion. Are you struggling as a wife to be all that God has called you to be? Build oneness through holding hands during your prayer. Tweet It When I first got married 9 years ago, I learned the value of the pursuit of prayer dealing with circumstances we faced and disagreements we had. How to pray to be a better wife

How to pray to be a better wife

How to pray to be a better wife

How to pray to be a better wife

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  1. I needed to set an example of understanding by setting an example behind my decisions. Thank you for making him for me. Day 11 Father, please help me to start developing healthy habits in every area of my life.

  2. May my words empower and encourage him, always build up and never tear down. I learned that praying for my husband meant God was changing me!

  3. Give me a desire to encourage my husband. God enrich him, build him up mightily, give him vision and passion to chase after you even more.

  4. She then led us in prayer. The overflow of the anointing will grasps others with amazement of the peace they feel coming from you.

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