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Your First Gay Relationship – Here’s How to Work it Out!

   14.08.2018  4 Comments

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Struggles You Only Discover In Your First Same-Sex Relationship

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Gay relationship advice

Gay relationships are a different ballgame than straight ones. Emotional support of friends, family and spiritual community is a blessing if that support exists for you. Incendiary phrasing fighting words tends to accuse and often uses words which leave no room for compromise. Having the support of your friends, colleagues and spiritual community can fill in the gaps when your family is not supportive. In successful relationships, the gay or lesbian partners often: Accept their sexual orientation without experiencing discomfort. Gay relationship advice

Gay relationship advice

Gay relationship advice

Gay relationship advice

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4 thoughts on “2. Define relationship parameters from the get-go

  1. This is a common mistake to make and can be the reason that new relationships burn out quickly.

  2. Define relationship parameters from the get-go This is an important element for a successful gay relationship because it requires communicating with your partner to make sure you both are seeking the same type of relationship. Gay relationships are a different ballgame than straight ones. No balanced relationship can survive if there is not a strong level of trust between the two participants.

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