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Dating B.C. Rich Guitar info

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B.C. Rich WMD Warbeast Guitar Evaluation and Tweaking

Video about b c rich serial number dating:

B c rich serial number dating

Riches were made in New Jersey. Series II appeared in and was around until ish?? This also coincided with a major economic recession in the United States and a downturn in all guitar sales. Rich serial numbers follow the same year and guitar production number format. These have mahogany necks and bodies with a carved quilted maple top, ebony fingerboard, mother-of-pearl or abalone cloud inlays, twin humbuckers and either a fixed bridge or a Wilkinson vibrato system. B c rich serial number dating

B c rich serial number dating

B c rich serial number dating

B c rich serial number dating

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  1. Also, at some point in or the "Made In The USA" below the script logo disappeared on most of the guitars built.

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