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Gay Stories archive

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Reacting to my Instagram Story Archive (Really bad)

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Gay story archive

As someone seeking to be seen as a concerned activist in the vein of his mother and Angela Davis, could Smollett really not understand that a stunt all about making himself more famous was not exactly the wokest approach? This collection contains the output of many Archive Team projects, both ongoing and completed. That anyone could feel this way and act on it in the public sphere is, in a twisted way, a kind of privilege, and a sign that we have come further on race than we are often comfortable admitting. None of this is to deny that racism exists, and that it is hardly limited to acts as baldly depraved as that of Dylann Roof, who attacked worshippers in a Charleston, South Carolina, church in Gay story archive

Gay story archive

Gay story archive

Gay story archive

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  1. His mother associated with the Black Panthers and is friends with the activist Angela Davis, and in interviews Smollett has identified proudly with the activist tradition.

  2. Wait and see, I and others thought. They had scrawled racial epithets across her torso. How do you make as stark and monumental a statement as a King or a Malcolm these days?

  3. If thugs put a rope around your neck, your first impulse when they were gone would be to remove it, but he still had it on when police first made contact.

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